A CNC retrofit typically upgrades the CNC, axes servo motors and drives, spindle motor and drives, and a portion of the associated wiring and related electro-mechanical devices. Unlike rebuilding and remanufacturing, a CNC retrofit does not normally include any major repairs to the machines mechanics.

We provide hardware and software configuration solutions using the current and legacy technologies available from FANUC Robotics. Which include but are not limited to the following:

  • Series 0i / 30i / 31i / 32i / 35i CNC
  • CNC Express sales configurations
  • CNC/PMC Systems Emulation with NC Guide Pro
  • CNC Setting tool
  • Parameterization/Configuration of CNC Controllers
  • PLC Legacy Equipment Support, including 90/30 and 90/70 series PLC

Our Engineers provide intelligent, structured, well documented programs. In addition we can also provide comprehensive training. We constantly keep updated with the latest hardware and software technologies to assure the best possible solution for our client’s application.


NC Guide Pro